Passenger Experience

This is a very exciting activity where the passenger will live an unforgettable experience riding a bike race and hand of Jose Luis Cardoso. An event? Different, dynamic and with the guarantee of an outstanding result.

The conference opens with a welcome breafing and an introduction to the activity, where Jose Luis Cardoso set out the main tips to keep in mind when getting on the motorcycle.

The bike is equipped with a bracket attached to the reservoir, so that the passenger can be held comfortably and safely.

All participants will gain the necessary equipment for the development of the activity (mono, helmet, gloves, and boots trellis).

In the activity, we offer the possibility of catering to all participants? Companions during the day.

It will present the On-Board Recording and each? Photos in a custom USB logo Cardoso School and the contracting company to finish the event.

Sponsor Cardoso School